Total Body Health Clinics

We work in partnership with women, providing respectful, individualised care.

Total Body Health Clinics are a preventative health service provided by shops, pharmacies and clinics free of charge to their customers. This service provides customers with free health care advice to foster a strong business and customer relationship.

Total Body Health Clinics are provided by Midwyf Services.

Midwyf Services is a private nursing and midwifery business that has been established for over 25 years. It carries a core philosophy of enhancement of optimal wellbeing for women, babies and families.

Total Body Health Clinics have been established to provide a valuable resource to the broader community in the form of registered nurse / midwife clinics into Pharmacies and a variety of other settings, such as Baby Shops.

The importance and success of the provision of preventative health services within pharmacy settings, by way of health assessment and education has been astonishing in those 19 years. The demand continues to grow in each clinic with numbers proving to be extremely beneficial for participating pharmacies by way of customer loyalty and appreciation of those services being provided.

The type of services provided includes early childhood care to new mothers and families. This care is very mother and baby friendly, on a drop in basis and strives towards better meeting the day to day issues of mothers.


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Adult health education and wellbeing promotion, includes such care as blood pressure assessment, diabetic risk assessment, education on health related disease and topics, assessment and referral to other health professionals as appropriate. Most often individuals within the community are unaware of what health services exist in their area and how to access those relevant services. We can help.

At all venues we find that many health workers, including General Practitioners, now refer clients to our service for ongoing assessment and support. Of course, an important part of any clinic is referral to other health workers as required.

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Professionalism and Integrity of Service Provision

Total Body Health Clinic holds as a very high priority its professionalism and integrity. To this length it has grown to be a service provided by a number of very committed midwives and registered nurses, who strive to support the community in a different manner, but also each other in the work place.

We see that it is important to maintain the services at a very high professional standard, therefore Total Body Health Clinic has in place a peer review and support mechanism that ensures that the service provision is regularly assessed and provided in a strategic manner to best meet local demand and need.

Clinics are provided 52 weeks of the year, of course excluding public holidays or rare unforeseen circumstances. This ensures public access and confidence. Obviously this is achieved by the committed staff members, support and rostering mechanisms within Total Body Health Clinic.

It is most important that our knowledgable midwives / registered nurses become part of your valued staff. By providing current and accurate information and advice to your customers, but also educating your shop staff can only enhance your customer loyalty and staff credibility.

Professional Indemnity Insurance and Staffing Costs

Total Body Health Clinic provides the clinic on an hourly contract rate. This rate is linked to an annual Consumer Price Index Rise at the beginning of each financial year. The advantages to your business are that all staffing of the clinic, along with on-costs such as Professional Indemnity Insurance, Workers Compensation etc are maintained within the Total Body Health Clinic business structure.

It enables Total Body Health Clinic to provide a no-fuss clinic service within your pharmacy and allows you to proceed with your core business of pharmacy services.

Total Body Health Clinics can certainly provide a high-quality Early Childhood Clinic to your pharmacy chain. As previously mentioned, we would recommend the alternative option of providing a more extensive Preventative Health and Wellbeing Clinic.

Our experience has led us to believe the benefits to your pharmacy are enhanced by the latter option. This is due to a number of reasons but the paramount benefit to your business is the attraction of a larger range of customers and the provision of a more diverse service that better meets the needs of that broader community with their age and health needs.

There is no doubt either options are successful if provided with consistency, reliability and professionalism. Total Body Health Clinics have the track record to be able to meet all of these criteria in service provision.

We look forward to being able to answer any further questions you may have and of course, would be most happy to meet with you or partners should that be useful.

Interested in providing a clinic from your Pharmacy?

Should your pharmacy or business be interested in setting up this invaluable service for your community, please do not hesitate to contact Marie for further information.

Positions Vacant – Midwives & Registered Nurses

Total Body Health Clinics always values those registered nurses and/or midwives seeking employment in a team within this dynamic and innovative environment. Expansion into your location is always possible. Applications accepted via email or call for details.

Total Body Health Clinics can be accessed at the following locations:



Priceline Pharmacy, Coogee

223 / 225 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee

# Adult health promotion and Baby Clinic

available Each Friday between 10 am and 4 pm

– Free drop-in clinic


Amcal Moorebank Pharmacy

Shop 1, 42 Stockton Ave [Cnr Stockton and Maddecks], Moorebank

# Adult health promotion and Baby Clinic

available Each Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm

– Free drop-in clinics



Optimal Pharmacy Plus Jamison

Jamison Plaza, Bowman Street, Macquarie

# Adult health promotion and Baby Clinic

available Each Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm

– Free drop-in clinic

Contact Information

Marie can be contacted directly by Mobile Phone on 0407 266004

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